About VaganteEdit

Vagante is a side-scrolling roguelike with heavy RPG elements created by Nuke Nine. It features randomly generated levels, permadeath, and diablo-style loot generation. 

Expect to die, a lot. 

That being said, it is extremely fun getting better and learning new things and strategies. Loot also frequently comes with interesting abilities besides just + some stat or another.

Making your gear wildly change your playstyle. 

It is currently in alpha, but is low on bugs and is very playable, you should go ahead and grab it on Steam

Here is Nuke Nines official wiki

Vagante Trailer (Steam Early Access)

Vagante Trailer (Steam Early Access)


Table of ContentsEdit

The Adventurers






The World

- Monsters

- Bosses

- Traps

- Areas



-Patch Notes

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